The Department of Pathology provides diagnostic services to all general and super-speciality centres of Command Hospital (Southern Command) Pune. Referral services are offered to all service hospitals and local academic Institutions in Histopathology, Cytopathology, Hematology and Clinical Pathology and also in specialized facilities like frozen section diagnosis, histochemistry, immuno-histochemistry, immunofluorescence and Electron Microscopy. The Hematology section is equipped with the latest cell counters, a modern coagulation and platelet aggregation studies laboratory and Immunophenotyping facilities.

The goals of Pathology Department is to produce a specialist who is competent to provide laboratory based diagnosis of illness, is able to teach undergraduates and postgraduates. The department is capable of offering a high quality diagnostic opinion in a given clinical situation with an appropriate and relevant samples of tissue, blood, body fluid for the purpose of diagnosis and overall wellbeing of the ill.

Pathology forms the basis of understanding, diagnosis and hence the treatment of diseases. It is, therefore, an essential subject in the training and curriculum of various undergraduate and postgraduate courses of medicine and allied disciplines such as nursing, etc. The department has emphasized the development of newer specialized areas such as molecular biology and laboratory medicine.