The department of Microbiology is well equipped for various bacteriological, mycological, parasitological and serological investigations. The rapid advance of technology and its application to diagnostics the department has been keeping pace with the same with the installation of a number of automated equipment aimed at early microbiological diagnosis and follow up of infectious diseases, to provide timely and accurate microbiology support where precise and efficient diagnosis can make a difference in patient-care and management, thereby saving innumerable man hours and lives.

The main aim of department of microbiology is to train students of medicine in the field medical microbiology. The training is imparted to the candidates in the subspecialties viz bacteriology, virology, mycology, immunology, serology and parasitology, so that they can participate in good patient care and prevention of infectious diseases in the community. Latest clinical microbiological services have been established in the hospital round the clock in central diagnostic division including molecular biology lab.