Forensic Medicine

The department aims at equipping future doctors with knowledge of forensic aspects of different branches of medicine and enable them to apply the same during their practice of medicine. Different laws applicable to practice of medicine. Ethical and moral aspects of medical practice. Preventive, curative and medico legal aspects of common poisons To evolve into a centre of excellence, providing DNA profiling and repository services as well as diagnostic toxicology services for the armed forces. Gaining recognition and reputation as an integrated part of both health care and legal systems of the armed forces.Striving for improved contribution towards its services to armed forces medical services by acting as nodal consultation centre on medico-legal matters.

The department of Forensic Medicine carries out advanced post-mortem and medico-legal researches, it also imparts reasonable knowledge of our legal system to the students which help them realize their role and responsibility as a medical professional in medico-legal cases