The department of Biochemistry besides the teaching and training of undergraduate MBBS students, is also engaged in the academic and research activities of postgraduate students. The department is equipped with every possible modern amenity like fully automated Biochemistry Analyzer 'Erba' (XL 300, Transasia), Semi Auto Analyzer (RA-50), UV Spectrophotometer,INSTALYTE and skilled technicians. The department is conducting research projects funded by DST and UP-CST. Several Ph.D. students are also working in the department as well as in collaboration.The Department has also started M.D. in Biochemistry.

The main aim of the department of biochemistry is to enable undergraduate and postgraduate students to understand, envisage and explain life processes as molecular events and apply his knowledge and skills in clinical problem solving and scientific research.

The Institutional central library of the college has a large and impressive collection of over ten thousand books of all specialties and the library subscribes to the journals of different subjects, both Indian and Foreign. The volumes of journals of three consecutive years are maintained in the respective departments, while the old issues are maintained for reference in the central library. This is apart from an exhaustive departmental library with internet facility for ready reference.